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Container House – Phoenix, Arizona

Container House is a home made of containers that is located in Phoenix Arizona.

It is comprised of multiple containers that were modified and shipped to the building site for final modifications and assembly.

One Way Lease worked closely with the owners, architect and builders to develop requirements and specifications.

The end result is a truly compelling and sturdy structure and site design that takes advantage of the amazing Arizona desert environment.

‘We had custom architectural plans to build our container home that needed 4-53’ units.  We visited five of our Phoenix vendors and they all promised, but not one followed through with any costs or delivery dates.  I don’t recall how we found One Way Lease, but we’re glad we did.  Within a day Howard had Ebe contacted us and in a few more days we were on the road to visit Long Beach to pick out our “home”.  Ebe made all the contacts for us to visit the facility where the units were stored.  We arrived at the site and found a “city” of stacked units arranged 6-8 high in “streets” and “avenues”.  The facility knew the locations of what we were looking for and their picking machinery unstacked and let us pick the units we needed.  We must have moved 50 units to get just what we wanted.

One Way Lease’s service didn’t stop there.  They helped us find a freight company that would deliver all four units to our build site in North Phoenix on the same day-same time to allow my crane company to drop them on the build site.  We now have our home that was made possible by One Way Lease.  Thanks One-Way.”    -Walt & Barb H. – Phoenix, AZ

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